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Pluton - Magic Gin

Pluton - Magic Gin

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PLUTON is a light and drinkable gin and on the palate it is full, elegant and pimp. The hints of lemon combine with the notes of mint and lavender. The blue color is due to the infusion of the Clitoria ternatea flower, which changes color depending on the pH of the added substance, for example when the tonic is added it becomes purplish in color. Perfect to amaze and for evenings with friends…


Alcool, acqua, aromi naturali

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Glass bottle

Cork stopper with wooden top

Recommended tonics

- Acqua brillante
- Fever Tree Mediterrean

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Take care of the bottle

Step 1: Call some friends. Or alone, you choose
Step 2: Empty the bottle with gin and tonic (please no gin lemon)
Phase 3: If it is not empty, put it back in a cool and dry place, otherwise buy another one and repeat everything from phase 1

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Serena Donati

Pluton - Magic Gin